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Diacriticals on QWERTY, HTML, ETC.

Ah, Magyar. What a goofy language. I'm sure Czech is no walk in the park, either, but it's Greek to me.

Anyway, typing out a few Hungarian street names in the post below, got me trying to figure out again how to produce those funky diacriticals. Not that we really need to observe them carefully here, hülye külföldi such that we are for the most part anyway, but in case anyone cares, I found this resource with explanations (follow the links) for how to produce them on Macs, PCs and in HTML. For this and the post below, I used the PC Alt codes, which are not proper HTML, so they may or may not show up right on everyone's computers (please advise if not).

Anyway, always trying to be helpful.

Rick E. Bruner | Site Admin, Various Resources | Dec 23, 2003 | Comments (1)


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