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Magyar bloggers have spotted us

I was Googling around this morning when I spotted a reference to Generation Expat on a Hungarian-language blog, szanalmas.hu.

Szánalmas means pathetic or forlorn. This is a group blog, but I didn't find any statement about who runs it or why. Quite likely a circle of friends, though.

The post features a photo of Ian MacDonald with a wide grin (from the New Year's party, and this caption: "A blog devoted to those who lived in Budapest, Prague and other East Euro environs in the early 1990s, specifically those involved in Budapest Week and Prognosis newspapers and their circle of friends."

The post attracted 17 comments, including stuff like "I've always been interested in how foreigners see us. If only I had the time and patience to browse the site."

Someone named 'Gergo' linked to Tom Popper's photo with the comment: "How could you not love that smile? Well, I don't know."

I couldn't figure out how 'Rafasy' came up this statement: "I was a little annoyed by what they wrote under the picture. Of course, we're not America. But we never will be ('in the stinking life' - this expression doesn't translate too well.) It's a pity to constantly compare us to them or anyone else!"

I couldn't figure out which statement 'Rafasy' was referring to, the caption under the photo or the fellow who expressed interest in how foreigners see Hungary (but couldn't be bothered to browse this site).

Steven Carlson | Gen Expat Life Updates | Jan 30, 2004 | Comments (221) | TrackBack (0)

World66, New Travel Resource 'Wiki'


Just came across a new site, World66, which I believe is what the digirati call a "wiki" -- which is basically a kind of group weblog-type thing that anyone can edit. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it just might work.

Anyway, if any of you would like to add your own comments or photos to the Hungary or Czech sections, go for it (click where it says "edit this").

Rick E. Bruner | Various Resources | Jan 28, 2004 | Comments (3)

Hungarian Footballer, Miklos Ferer, Dies of Heart Attack on the Field


Reuters reports:

LISBON (Reuters) - Benfica's Hungarian international Miklos Feher died Sunday after collapsing from a heart attack just before the end of a league game with Vitoria Guimaraes, a hospital spokesman said.

The 24-year-old striker was taken to a nearby hospital from the stadium in Guimaraes after falling to the ground in injury time.

Medical personnel struggled to save him for about 90 minutes "until about 11:10 p.m., without success, the player having died," the spokesman told private radio station TSF.

Where are Peterjon and Simon Evans when we need them for perspective. I'm not a soccer/football follower, so I have no context on this.

Rick E. Bruner | East Euro Current News | Jan 25, 2004 | Comments (4)

Dept. of Extravagantly Shameless Plugs


Downtown Jen nee Brown (hi Jen!) isn't the only ex-expat to have a new record out: former Prognosis/BBJ'er Ken Layne, and his band The Corvids (of which I am one), released a debut CD this month entitled Fought Down. You can hear mp3 samples of every song here; it's basically drunken alt country with loud guitars. Reviews so far have been pretty great, and we even cracked the top 500 at Amazon for about 47 minutes. If things break really well for us (and so far they have been), we may get to tour Mitteleuropa later this year.... I should also mention that bass player Jeff Solomon and drummer Steve Coulter both contributed briefly to Prognosis (Steve was the guy who helped run the whole Obecni Dum/Thirsty Dog empire of sin in '93-94 Prague), and both also play in the great Hollywood pop/punk band Tsar, which is releasing its second album this spring.

Matt Welch | Gen Expat Life Updates | Jan 25, 2004 | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)

But Woodard does not blog!

Greetings comrades. Enjoyed catching up with you all through your respective posts. Is it my imagination, or is there some strange Budapest-San Francisco axis here?

As most of you know, I left Budapest in 1995 for graduate school, but returned to Zagreb for the Monitor on graduation a year later. Since then I spent four years in DC and a year on the US-Mexico border near Brownsville, Texas before returning to Maine, my native state. Here, inspired by my time in Eastern Europe, I wrote a book about the Mainers' national greatness, how the cruel Massachusetts people stole our lands, and what the map of New England *should* look like! (Viking, who will release the book in May, doesn't describe it quite this way.)

Now free from writing duties I'm preparing for a set of assignments in Budapest next month. If any of you are in town in mid Feb, let me know.

-- Colin (www.colinwoodard.com)

Colin Woodard | Gen Expat Life Updates, People | Jan 24, 2004 | Comments (0)

Tilos Radio Kicked Off the Air

Hey Budapest pals! How come I gotta learn about this 30-day suspension of Tilos from Prague resident (and ex-Prognosite) Doug Arellanes? Weren't some of you telling me on Jan. 2 that the Christian-offending comments in question were uttered by an expat friend of everybody's. What is the scoop, people?

Matt Welch | East Euro Current News | Jan 22, 2004 | Comments (41) | TrackBack (128)

OK, I've posted

Yes, I remembered my mother's maiden name and revived my login info. But I don't have anything great to say, particularly about Central Europe. Hmmm. Hmmm. I guess this stuff can't be forced. OK, OT, here's a cartoon about blogging. And, to turn the volume down, here's a post about the death of a friend. (Via Buzzmachine.) Guess this is definitely a "no category selected" post.

Henry Copeland | Gen Expat Life Updates, People | Jan 21, 2004 | Comments (7)

Paul Hockenos Needs His Own Web Site

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the right-hand menu of this site, you will see a rainbow-colored box. That links to SiteMeter, a site that provides free traffic-tracking analysis. I've left it open, requiring no password to access. It lets you see how many people are coming to the site, where they are coming from and, in the case of referrals from search engines, what terms people were searching when they arrived here (if you click through on those links).

I'd have to say, Paul Hockenos, who has a new book out, is generating more search traffic to the site than anyone else.

Paul, I see PaulHockenos.com is unregistered; I'd snap it up, if I were you. I'll happily help you set up a blog to post your article links and the like. Same goes for the rest of you.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Jan 20, 2004 | Comments (1)

Dummies Guide to Posting to GenerationExpat.com

Okidoki, folks. I see 3/4 of you to whom I sent invites to sign up with TypePad to become authors of this site have so far failed to do so, and more than half of you who have taken the trouble to sign up with TypePad have not yet posted, for whatever reason.

Realizing that all of this "blogging" stuff may be intimidating to some, at first, I've pain-stakingly created a really detailed, easy-to-follow directions, complete with pictures! Specifically, the instructions include the following (points 2 and 3 may be of interest even to some of you "advanced" users):

If you're looking again for this advice piece in the future, it's conveniently and permanently linked in the top-right corner of the home page, under the title "How Do I Post to This Site?"

Rick E. Bruner | Site Admin | Jan 20, 2004 | Comments (1)

Not that Michael Jordan...

Looks like Michael Jordan, who raised a lot of eyebrows in Budapest with his name, is now a New York-based freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker specialized in the Middle East. Came across some info on this page.

Emmanuelle Richard | People | Jan 19, 2004 | Comments (8)