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But Woodard does not blog!

Greetings comrades. Enjoyed catching up with you all through your respective posts. Is it my imagination, or is there some strange Budapest-San Francisco axis here?

As most of you know, I left Budapest in 1995 for graduate school, but returned to Zagreb for the Monitor on graduation a year later. Since then I spent four years in DC and a year on the US-Mexico border near Brownsville, Texas before returning to Maine, my native state. Here, inspired by my time in Eastern Europe, I wrote a book about the Mainers' national greatness, how the cruel Massachusetts people stole our lands, and what the map of New England *should* look like! (Viking, who will release the book in May, doesn't describe it quite this way.)

Now free from writing duties I'm preparing for a set of assignments in Budapest next month. If any of you are in town in mid Feb, let me know.

-- Colin (www.colinwoodard.com)

Colin Woodard | Gen Expat Life Updates, People | Jan 24, 2004 | Comments (0)


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