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Sorry I missed the fun


Oh, nuts, now that I see the pictures I'm really kicking myself for not managing to get to Bp for the holidays - wish I'd gotten the chance to see you all.

For those who haven't been playing along at home: I'm in NYC now after almost a decade back in San Francisco, working at the NY Post and playing (mostly) in glorious Brooklyn. Still running, still writing, still skipping town whenever opportunity knocks; I'm actually off to the travel doc this afternoon to get a barrage of shots, since I'm heading to Central American next month and my yellow fever vaccination - which I got just as I was leaving Budapest for points African - has just worn off after 10 (!) years.

A happy, happy new year to a bunch of old friends, and do get in touch if you find yourself in NY: I can always be tracked down through www.rachelelson.com. Be good, and be well ... Rachel

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