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Prague Fest, Expat Party in NYC, Sept. 10

"OBA" (who prefers to remain pseudonynomous due to prying corporate overlords), a one-time writer for Pragnosis and then Prague Post (buddy of Matt Welch and the gang) alerts me that he and some friends are planning a party for East Euro expats in the NYC area on September 10 at the Bohemian Hall in Astoria, Queens. Dubbed "Prague Fest," they've gone so far as to create a web site for the party.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Jul 22, 2005 | Comments (7)


That's Prognosis -- and besides, no one really worked for both papers, did they? (Except for the original three who left with the cash of course.)

Amy | Jul 25, 2005

Hope to see summa youse mothers there!

Matt Welch | Aug 10, 2005

What ever happned to Ben Sullivan???

rimez | Aug 12, 2005

Sadly, Ben Sullivan was lost in a combination funicular/dirigible incident in early 2000. And by lost, I mean he was unable to find his way back to the car and had to ask directions. He will be attending a wedding in San Francisco that same weekend.

Science Blog | Aug 17, 2005

But seriously, I'd love to make it if I could. (And who's rimez? Someone I owe money?)

Ben Sullivan | Aug 17, 2005

I'm here to report -- an excellent time were had by all!

Chandler Rosenberger | Sep 13, 2005

fuuny to hear from prognosis gang 15 yearas later. if someone is coming to prague. let meknow. I am the guy from american hospitality center serving cofee.take care, m.

Marek Novy | Oct 6, 2005

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