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Back in the U.S.S.R.

Hmm, let's see -- toilet paper like 100 grit sandpaper, "continental shelf" platforms in toilets to delight the senses, aperitifs that taste like hairspray, clothing that reeks of cigarette smoke the next morning...I must be back in Eastern Europe!! And loving it!

Arrived two days ago, now. Have already caught up with Carlson (twice), Popper, Des McGrath, Bruce Lewis, L.P.-O. and others. Meeting scheduled with LeBor and Nadler. Still seeking to track down the rest of you.

Word on the street is we will have a New Year's to go to (details will be emerging from LeBor/Nadler/Vesna or someone shortly; check back here later or call one of them, if you can).

I am trying to arrange for a temporary cell phone of my own for my visit, but meanwhile you can reach me via Adi's Bp cell phone: 06 20 415-4411.

Also, PARTY REMINDER: Denton is arranging to meet folks at 8pm on Monday the 29th (see details here).

More soon.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Dec 28, 2003 | Comments (3)


post some pictures for us. anything.

henrycopeland | Dec 28, 2003

Bummed we can't be there tonight. Hi, Nick! We're arriving, conveniently, on the 31st, hopefully somewhat early. Emmanuelle's cell phone is some kind of:
33 6 182 1829 1895.

If St. Istvan is kind to us, we will be staying at the Fiesta Hotel near Deak Ter; or maybe the Hotel Margitsziget. Please post Sylvestr instructions, and/or otherwise call; we'll also call you, or just show up cold to the Budapest International Press Zentrum....

Matt Welch | Dec 29, 2003

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