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Bio Pages and Right-hand Links

If nothing else, I'd love to get from all of you some short bio page content, whatever you're comfortable telling about yourself, like I've done for myself here. I'm sure we'd all love to know what everyone is up to, and pages like this would be a great resource for that. (Privacy freaks, get over yourselves. The FBI really doesn't give a shit just because you subscribe to Mother Jones.)

Best would be for you to sign up for TypePad from the email I sent you the other day (if you deleted that or lost that, drop me a note and I'll resend it) and then just post your bio page yourself to the blog. Or, if you're a hopeless blogophobe, send me some text and ideally a digital pic of yourself, and I'll post it for you.

If you have a web page somewhere that you'd like listed in the links off to the right on this blog, send me the URL. I'm the only one that can update that feature.

Rick E. Bruner | People, Site Admin | Dec 19, 2003 | Comments (8)


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