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Budapest Szilveszter Parties Update

So, we have not one but two parties for New Year's Eve, which is why it's always so much fun to come back to Budapest this time of year. Ian (Mac Daddy) Macdonald is hosting one, and so is Isaac ("the Isreali guy"). Isaac also had a party when we were back in town three years ago that was amazing -- huge, awesome apartment on Andrassy ut, just the right mix of enough people to be fun but no too many to be deadly. Ian, meanwhile, in addition to being a crackerjack management consultant, is also a helluva DJ, with a huge collection of funk and a fear-inducing sound system.

Ian, being a former BpWeeker and close friend to many in our crowd, will probably be the choice party host for many of this tribe, at least to start things off. Go there to find the likes of LeBor, Condon, Nadler, Vlada & Vesna and others.

I don't at this hour (the evening of the 30th) know Ian's address, though I'm not inclined to post it to this site in any event, for obvious reasons of privacy. You can, however, call any of the above-named folks or Adrienne on her Budapest cell phone sometime during the afternoon of the 31st for directions to both parties: 06-20 415-4411.

Also, Steve Carlson and I will be observing a Budapest tradition of going in the afternoon of the 31st to the Kincsem horseracing track, if anyone would like to join (call Adrienne's number, above, before 1pm or so).

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