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Come All Ye Expats

Thanks, Rick, for putting together this fine blog here. Been wondering lately where many old expat friends are these days and how they are doing. Hoping to hear from many from the fine list of names Rick has below.

Sadly, I will not be off in Prague or Budapest over the holidays, but anyone is wandering through New Jersey, drop me a line.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

Jim Lowney | Gen Expat Life Updates | Dec 18, 2003 | Comments (2)


Jim, where it says in your profile "ULR" you should put your blog's URL, not generationexpat.com. That way, all your posts will link back to your blog.

Better yet, I'm hoping I can get folks to create bio pages, like I've done for myself. You can simply post a bio page like I've done and than use that link in the URL field of your TypePad profile, so that all your posts link to that.

Rick Bruner | Dec 19, 2003


Your old friend Robi says hi. I'm now a regular at the Lanchid Sorozo, which used to be your old favorite.

I live just down the street.

The old place is really booming, and Robi seems to be having a great time of it.

The other day I mentioned your name and he asked me to say hi if I ever saw you.


Steven Carlson | Dec 23, 2003