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Hallo from Adam LeBor

Foreign correspondent, Adam LeBor
LeBor's latest book: 'Milosevic: A Biography'

Sziastok, from Budapest. Yes, I'm still here. Once again I rejoice in the title of Central Europe Correspondent for The Times (of London, the only real one!). I could probably dig out my old business cards from the early 1990s and just change the address. But much of my creative energy now goes on writing books, my fourth magnum opus is to be published by Yale UP in March 2004, a critically acclaimed - if I say so myself - biography of Slobodan Milosevic -


Adam LeBor | Gen Expat Life Updates, People | Dec 30, 2003 | Comments (42)


Hurray for Adam. He did several things right with this post:

1) He signed up for the blog and posted!
2) He wrote a short bio post. I'd love to get everyone to post a bio post.
3) He had me help him link that bio post to his TypePad profile page so his every subsequent post will link on his name to that bio post.

Slick, eh? No wonder he's such a raging success. He can follow directions and knows a good thing when he sees it. If you would all like to be cool like Adam and create a bio post that links to all your subsequent posts, drop me a line and I'll walk you through it.

Rick Bruner | Dec 31, 2003

I caught your 4/22/04 critique of the Milosevic book on C-Span [5/16/04]. For the most part I was in agreement with what you said. But I believe you misplaced “ Ustashe symbolism” with the wrong culprit. You made it sound as if it was a Croatian operation. To the contrary, the so called Ustashe symbols were figments of imagination fostered by the Serbs disinformation apparatus. Yes--these symbols unquestioningly scared and provoked the pedestrian Serb but the fear was irrational.
You made a couple of references that you would love to have the world leaders in the docket to be questioned for their responsibility vis a vis Yugoslavia. I, too would relish that. In that context you made several references about wanting to hear Clinton, but hearing from the Bush White House would be much more fruitful [the gang of Bush, Eagleburger, Scowcroft] Most of the blood spilled in the conflict lies with Bush administration. [especially Eagleburger]
Since you articulated your comments about your book I’d appreaciate your take on book, Anatomy of Deceit. I am not asking as an author but as a physician who has picked up the pen which was far removed from my chosen field.
My book can be found on my website in PDF format jblaskovich.com or if you like I could send you a hard copy Perhaps we can exchange books.
Jerry Blaskovich MD

Jerry Blaskovich MD | May 16, 2004

Dear mr LeBor, i'm a slovakian student of policits, working on a project concerning Serbia curently for my masters i'm taking next year.
I started to read your biography of Milosevic this morning and just can't put the book down. It's great! if you happen to be in Budapest some time i'd like to invite you for a coffee, or if you'd come to Slovakia by any chance, not that I had anything special to offer you, it would be just a grat pleasure for me to meet you and have a chat about politics. Thank you for writing this book anyway, it will help my work a lot, koszonom.

Aneta Szerzodi | Nov 9, 2004


regarding your article in The Times (Croatia 'is shielding' war crime suspect, March 07, 2005), please read my experiences:

President Stjepan Mesic, who since 2002. had direct control over POA (counterintelligence agency), through his advisor for national security, Zeljko Bagic, in 2003. personaly engaged in case of fugitive General Ante Gotovina. That year in June, Gotovina was, although he was in escape, gave an interview to weekly papers «Nacional». Serious sources publicly claimed that the interview was organized by POA and Gotovina and Ivo Pukanic, the owner and the journalist of «Nacional», talked in Zagreb. President Mesic, after that interview, publicly called Gotovina to come to his Office, that nobody would arrest him and he would get organized conversation with Haag investigators (ICTY). Gotovina, through «Nacional» ,uttered a sound, and greeted the President' s idea. Gotovina' s coming to President' s office has failed, because, against it was Haag prosecutor, by not giving guarantees that Gotovina would have possibility of defense in freedom. After that, weekly papers «Nacional», in organisation of President' s advisor Bagic, and chief of POA, Turek, started search on British ambassy in Zagreb and MI6, and accused them that they were directly responsible because Gotovina' s gentleman surrender failed, that is possibility to defend himself in freedom. The biographer of President Mesic, colleague Ivica Djikic, in Mesic's bigraphy said that Zeljko Bagic and President Mesic made a deal, which was certified in one office of public notary, in case of failure of mentioned operation with Gotovina, all responsibility went to Bagic,that is, that he wouldn' t publicly charge Mesic that he was behind that illegal engagement. Djikic transfered the thoughts that Mesic engaged around Gotovina, because, if he managed to make Gotovina to surrender and defend himself in freedom, most of voters of political right side in Croatia, to whom Gotovina was an idol, would vote for Mesic. There is one more unofficial interpretation of Mesic' s engagement about Gotovina, which says that Mesic got into all that because of connection with a person for who it is claimed that is a chief of Croatian maffia, Hrvoje Petrac, to whom EU prohibited enter on its area, because of help Gotovina in escape. Otherwise, EU put on its black list also Zeljko Bagic. We, the journalists, accused of being MI6 agents, wrote also about this cirrcumstances of Gotovina' s interview, Bagic, Turek, Pukanic, Petrac and Mesic' s engagement around Gotovina, and here you must look on political reasons for accusations against us.

see more:

Zeljko Peratovic | Mar 7, 2005

I am looking for Adam Lebor for an interview about Milosevic.
Where can I reach him?
I am a reporter from the Amsterdam-based Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.
John Schoorl
de Volkskrant

john schoorl | Apr 4, 2006

I must give Adam Lebor a warning. If you haven't done so already, please avoid trading anything with the above Dr. Blaskovich from California. You're better off buying low-grade Hungarian toilet paper.

While Adam's book on Milosevic is a generally balanced and prosaic look at the former dictator of Serbia, the same cannot be said for Jerry Blaskovich's ramblings in Anatomy of Deceit. In the canon of conspiracy theories and hate mongering, Blaskovich's work stands as a classic. His contribution to historical dialog and insight is what Jeffrey Dahmer was to quality childcare.

Anatomy of Deceit is little more than a half-baked rationalisation for Croatian sponsored ethnic cleaning and a twisted apology for Franjo Tudjman's quasi-fascism. Substitute Tudjman's name with Pavlic's and we would be dismissing this work as Ustache state propaganda.

Add Blaskovich to the long list of reality-challenged doctors, poets and professors that have blighted the Balkans; maybe more effort should be given to analysing the combined effects their delusions have had on the region.

Jimmy Barbalushi | Apr 5, 2006

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