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Happy Birthday Gawker

In case you've been living in a cave in Afghanistan, our friend Nick Denton (former Financial Times reporter during the Gen Expat years) made some money in the dot-com era and has used it, for better or worse, to become NYC's blog media kingpin. First there was Gizmodo, then there was Gawker and most recently there was Fleshbot, each literally more popular than the other, although they are all insanely popular by blog standards and the envy of every blogger around, in that they're very chic and actually make (small amounts of) money and show promise of a burgeoning blog empire.

Anyway, Gawker, the super-snarky NY gossip blog (a must-read by everyone in the NY media biz), just celebrated its one-year anniversary. Congrats, Nick!

(See you Saturday, I presume, at Miki's party, and again Sunday, I expect, at another Gen Expat's Chanukah party, whose identity I obscure because who knows who didn't get an invite...)

Rick E. Bruner | People | Dec 20, 2003 | Comments (1)


FYI, I deleted a comment from here from one "myshpa (CZ :) "

It pointed to something of a blog "scandal" directed against our friend Denton. I deleted it foremost because "myshpa CZ" chose to disparage someone while remaining him- or herself anonymous, which I think is crap. Moreover, I think the allegations against Nick are pretty one-sided, and if you read through the comments in the thread in question to get Nick's side of the story, I think it's all a tempest in a teapot.

I was aware of all this when I wrote this congratulations message for Gawker but didn't think it merited mentioning, but now that I'm going to be accused of censoring some anonymous coward, I figure I'd acknowledge the whole thing. Whatever.

Rick Bruner | Dec 21, 2003