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Hello, He Lied

Hi everyone! In the spirit of getting some Prague representation here, I wanted to let everyone know that Prognosis co-founder Christopher Scheer has co-written a brand spanking new book, The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq. Co-authors include Robert Scheer, Chris’ father, who was a key financial backer of our little horribly-named paper.

Website for the book, which was adapted from Chris’ wave-making AlterNet column from July, is here; there’s a long recent interview with him here, and he also has an AlterNet column page and a cruelly neglected blog.

Nice to get things rolling with a shameless plug…. Look forward to seeing you all next week in the szep orszag!

Matt Welch | Gen Expat Life Updates, Prague Nostalgia | Dec 25, 2003 | Comments (1)


Hey, self-promo is in large part what this blog is supposed to be all about! Bring it on!

Rick Bruner | Dec 28, 2003