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A couple of weeks ago I saw the remarkable film Hukkle (pronounced something like "huuk-leh," and referring to the sound of hiccups). Wanted to offer congrats to Gergely Pohárnok, the film's cinematographer. Gergely, some of you Budapest Week old timers should remember, was one of our regular photographers in the early days. He was also the photo editor for Magyar Narancs for a time. He later went on to get a degree at the Hungarian Film Academy and now has several credits to his name on IMDB.

I loved Hukkle, and the cinematography, along with the editing and sound editing, is just fantastic. Set in the Hungarian village of Ozora with actual villagers, the film is truly original. Totally without dialog, The story, such that it is, is paced very slowly, some kind of weird Hungarian village version of Blue Velvet almost -- in that something is rotten under the surface of this innocent-seeming place. Written and directed by György Pálfi. Keep an eye out for it. I don't know whether it's likely to play elsewhere in theaters in the U.S., but keep your fingers crossed and meanwhile bug the best video store in your neighborhood to get a copy.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Dec 21, 2003 | Comments (0)