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Ken Basart

Short bio:

I lived in Prague off-and-on from 1992 to 1995. I worked at various restaurants and bars, including Ivana's Bean City at Ubiquity, Radost, Red Hot and Blues, and a couple of others. That's the long and short of it, really -- you know what life was like there. I currently live in Los Feliz (an area of Hollywood for those not familiar with Los Angeles and it's environs). Unlike many expats, I don't have a blog, though I did write for laexaminer.com. And I have a buzznet site that I post to frequently. And I've been known to leave hilarious comments in friends' blogs. Oh, and I once played a show with Matt Welch and the Froggy Peat.

That's about it, really.

Ken Basart | Gen Expat Life Updates, People | Dec 30, 2003 | Comments (2)


Buzznet Rocks!

Umm, I mean Ken Basart RULEZ!

marc brown | Jan 4, 2004

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galleries-free | Oct 26, 2004