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Operating Difficulties, Please Stand By

In the unlikely case that you're already a regular reader of GenerationExpat.com, you may have noticed that the site has been offline for some hours a few times in recent days. That is because GoDaddy, where our site's domain is registered, and myself as the site admin, form a perfect storm of retardation and inefficiency.

In particular, presently the site comes up when you go to www.generationexpat.com, but if you try to go to only generationexpat.com (neglecting the www., which shouldn't be necessary), the site comes up 404.

In trying to fix that, I've screwed things up a couple of times with the domain settings, making the whole site go AWOL. Bear with me. I'll figure it out eventually. Meanwhile, if the site is offline when you check, try back again some hours later and it should be working. Early days, some bugs still in the system. (If you were around in the first few months of Budapest Week, you'll understand and agree this is nothing by comparison.)

Rick E. Bruner | Site Admin | Dec 23, 2003 | Comments (4)


Hey Rick et al -- you (we!) really oughtta get some BlogAds on this bee-yatch. Besides adding theoretical money to the theoretical beer kitty (or at least helping out with the server costs), we could also create semi-permanent free ads for things like Adam LeBor books, or the upcoming Ben Sullivan Naked Calendar....

Matt Welch | Dec 25, 2003

Excellent idea. Thy will shall be done, but posibly not before I get back to the U.S., unless uber-blogger and BlogAds-meister Henry Copeland ever deigns to grace us with his participation on this blog (for which he was the first to register after myself, no less).

Rick Bruner | Dec 28, 2003

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