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About This Site

Welcome to GenerationExpat.com.

This site is devoted to those who came from elsewhere to live in Budapest, Prague and other areas of Eastern Europe in the 1990s. The purposes of this site, such that they are, are to reminisce about those heady days of early '90s in Eastern Europe, keep in touch with old friends, let folks know what you're up to these days, post important/interesting/funny/pointless news of the Eastern Europe, and otherwise bullshit with friends.

The site is intended to serve first and foremost the extended group of friends of the site's creator, Rick E. Bruner, namely those who worked at or who were part of the greater social circles orbiting around Budapest Week and Prognosis newspapers. Rick has invited a few dozen folks from that era to join in posting to this web site.

If you were also part of the Generation Expat scene and would like to post to the site, contact Rick. If Rick doesn't know or remember you personally, your chances of being invited to post to the site are much improved by a reference from someone else whose name you see on this site.

Rick E. Bruner | Budapest Nostalgia, Prague Nostalgia, Site Admin | Dec 17, 2003 | Comments (5)


Great idea Rick, both as a resource and a subversive tool for sucking all the heel-draggers into the blogging quagmire.

henrycopeland | Dec 18, 2003

I have to admit that my greatest motivating factor in doing so was to give Dork Zygotian a place to write again.

Rick Bruner | Dec 18, 2003

Rick, it's brilliant. I think everyone should post a meditation on the theme, "What I Did The Last Decade." Except Dork. Dork marches to his own drummer.

Laura Chappell-Brown | Dec 19, 2003

Rick, this whole thing is a fabulous idea and it is unfortunate that did not make it to Budapest before last year. Now that I am here, however, I am always curious about the expat crowd. I have considered starting a Budapest Expat blog but I dont know if there is anyone other than Steve and myself here. (I am exaggerating of course). I am also considering starting one or two other Budapest-related blogs, but that will come in time.

Anyhow, if you lack content or things get quiet around here, you may want to think about opening it up beyond just the glory days of yesteryear.

Jay Allen | Dec 21, 2003


By all means, I'm interested in having this be more than a nostalgia blog. While one important function of it, in my mind, is to help a big crowd of friends keep in touch with each other, I'd also be happy for it to be a resource for the next generation of expats there. Send me your email address and I'll grant you author access to the blog.

Rick Bruner | Dec 21, 2003