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Well done, Rick

Rick and I (and various others) have been jabbering on forever about creating a place to bring together old Eastern Europe heads on the web. Glad to see Rick has taken the initiative.

I'll actually see Rick later this week, because he's on the way over to Budapest for the holidays. Can't say I remember what day he arrives, but I'm sure I'll get the ping soon.

A few people (Rick, Matt Welch, who else?) are swinging through town soon, so here's a few possible points of intersection.

Tom Popper is running his annual Xmas dinner on the night of the 24th (tomorrow). Tom has a reputation for taking in strays and a lot of old friends will be there. His number: +36 1 321 0088.

My hillbilly ex-roomie Bruce (Broof) Lewis is holding some kind of get together on the 26th. It seems to be a boys-only event, or maybe he's just inviting the crusty, hard-up bachelors. Check in with Bruce at: +36 20 805 9334.

Oddly enough, nobody seems to know of any interesting Sylvester parties. Guess that's what it means to be middle aged. Presumably, some people will be heading off the race track on the day of the 31st. Popper says he's probably going to party that night at the infamous Csiga.

Finally, Budapest Week'ers and those who remember us are getting together at the Csiga on the 2nd.

That's the latest from the Island of Misfit Toys. Rock on.

Steven Carlson | Gen Expat Life Updates | Dec 23, 2003 | Comments (3)


Nick Denton is also going to be in town for Szylveszter, and he's hosting a party on the 29th, as noted on a post above. Also, let's not forget the lovely ladies: Adi Haspel will be in my company, and Emmanuelle Richard will be nearby Matt, I presume.

Rick Bruner | Dec 24, 2003

Oh yeah, I arrive on the morning of the 26th.

Rick Bruner | Dec 24, 2003

Steve, the URL under your name is pointing to just GenerationExpat.com. You can set this in your Author Profile page on TypePad, to point either to NowEurope or, better yet, an About Steve Carlson page here on GenerationExpat.

To do the latter, just post a message with an update of yourself, and then use that permalink in your Profile page. If you don't want such a self-promo post to appear front and center on the blog, publish it to draft and I, as the site's super-autor, can go in and back-date it, so it will show up only in the archives.

(One shortcoming of TypePad is that it is not possible for anyone but the blog's creator to have the highest level of controls over various features, so there are some things only I can do, like back-dating posts.)

Rick Bruner | Dec 24, 2003