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Where Is the Best Budapest New Year's Party?

Rick E. Bruner and Adrienne Haspel are coming to Budapest for a visit, his first in two years! We'll be there from December 26th through January 4th. We're seeking a kick-ass New Year's party. If anyone has any ideas, please tell, either in the comments field (if it's destined to be a big publish bash) or via email to Rick if you'd rather not let everyone who can access Google know about it.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates, Questions for the Masses, Social Announcements | Dec 18, 2003 | Comments (12)


Hey Rick - when you get good infos, let us know, I'll be there with a friend. Greg

Greg | Dec 22, 2003

Guys,I'l be there with three friends-we have no idea where to go-our first time...but we are sure ,we want "dance to death" tchno party.If any ideas-let us now,too:-)

Sofija | Nov 30, 2004

wait,wait-this is for 2003??
Man!!!!!!!!It is 2005 now!!:-)

| Nov 30, 2004

no, 2006 :)

prick | Dec 14, 2005

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AG TRAVEL | Jan 31, 2007

Its now 2007 and we are going to Budapest for New Year. There are 8 of us and we want somewhere to go for New Years Eve but also entertainment during 29th & 30th. Also somehwere good to eat. I don't want much do I, but we went to Salzburg last New Year and had such a good time it will be difficult to match, never mind beat. Can anyone please help?

Julie | Aug 22, 2007

i am going with 3 of my frinds to Budapest for New Year's Eve 2007/2008. Does anyone have any ideas where to go there for a party? Where can we book a place or sth. I appreciate your help.


Bartek | Nov 16, 2007

hello people..i`m celebrating the new year`s eve in budapest too, so i have some information which might help you..
http://www.budapestagent.com/budapest-new-year.html here are some parties for those who plan to celebrate their new year`s eve in budapest..:D have fun and a happy new year!!

| Dec 26, 2007

Playboy Energy New Year's Eve inf Budapest, Dokk Club

info: http://www.budnight.hu/nye10en

You won't celebrate the beginning of 2010 anyhow, if you choose the New Years Eve Party with BudNight.

On 31 December you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most sparkling night of the year at Dokk Club on Óbudai (Hajógyári) Island, where two dancefloors with two music styles is looking forward its audience. In the Arena Hall the modern dance music of DJ Miller, in the Coronita Hall the funky and RnB music of DJ Ben Jr. are to entertain you till New Years Day morning.

During the night you can meet several playmates, celebrities, and have photos taken in front of the photo panel of Playboy Energy, furthermore valuable Playboy Energy presents are waiting for you.

Those who arrive in time, are welcome with White Secco champagne in honour of this lovely year we could spend with you.

Let's have party on New Years Eve as well!

BudNight | Dec 19, 2009

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