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Who's Where?

So, here are the people I have sent an invitation to, asking them to join this blog as authors:

All subscribers to the Ottomans Society.

Adam LeBor
Adrienne Haspel
Al Miranda
Amy Langfield
Bob Cohen
Brent Schimke
Caren Chesler
Carl Kovac
Cheryl Loof
Christian Heppinstall
Christopher Condon
Daniel Langenkamp
Dave Rimmer
David Sterling
Desmond McGrath
Doug Merrill
Drew Leifheit
Duncan Shiels
Emmanuelle Richard
Eric Kuhn
Ernest Beck
Erwin Tuil
Gabor Vajda
Greg McIlvaine
Hadley Kincade
Henry Copeland
Jannes Hartkamp
Jim Lowney
Joan Stein
John Nadler
Julius Strauss
Kate Carlisle
Ken Kasriel
Kester J. Eddy
Kevin Ebbutt
Laura Chappell-Brown
Lucy (Hooker) De Souza
Mark Haas
Matt Welch
Michael Jordan
Nick Denton
Pablo Gorondi
Peter Maass
Peterjon Cresswell
Rachel Elson
Richard W. (Dick) Bruner
Rick Bruner
Rodney Jefferson
Ryan Tutak
Sam Loewenberg
Shari Spiegel
Sherri Hay
Simon Evans
Stephen R. Saracco
Steven Carlson
Susan Milligan
Szilvia Csorba
Theresa Agovino
Tim Smart
Tom Popper

Here are the people I would like to contact but whose email address I lack:

Andras Torok
Andrea (Ozi) Szilagyi
Ben Sullivan
Bruno Bourel
Cathy Homer
Curt Clements
Eileen Brown
Evan Ballinger
Gergely Poharnok
Gizella Csapo
Hakeem Babalola
Ian MacDonald
Ildiko Lazar
Ildiko Malovecz
James Stewart
Judy Komaromi
Judy Sollosy
Karen Brzezinksa
Kate Sullivan
Kathy O'Connor
Ken Layne
Kinga Bartfay
Kriszta Fenyo
Laszlo Petrovics-Ofner
Michelle Ferenchick
Miles Graham
Milorad Kristics and Radmila Roczkov
Paul Hockenos
Sandor Laczko
Sarah Roe
Serge Haragovitch-Ostroverhy
Shawna Garrett
Simon Hamer
Stephen Bos
Tibor Szendrei
Tim Knox
Tim Randall

If you know how to contact anyone in that latter group, please send me an email (we don't want to put their emails on the site here for spammers to harvest).

Who else am I forgetting? I'm particularly thin on the Prague crowd, so I'm counting on Matt, Ken and some of the rest of you to help let me know who I should contact.

Rick E. Bruner | People | Dec 18, 2003 | Comments (2)


I am trying to get in touch with Judy Komaromi. If you have an email address for her please pass on my information. Your help is greatly appreciated. I was An Expat in Budapest from 1993 to 1997. I worked for Central Europe Today and MSAT Televizio. Thanks again in advance.

Best regards,

Kevin Walker
ABC TV-Los Angeles

Kevin Walker | Jun 30, 2004

Hi All, nice to read about you and what you are up to in the world. The only Hungarian thing I've noticed in Alaska after living here the past 3 years is a white/pearlescent Cadillac sedan bearing the license plate "Magyar" and driving by a wacky Hungarian senior citizen lady with a peroxide bouffant. She's a kick. My new vanity plate for my SAAB will read "Muvesz" which I'm sure Alaskans will interpret as "movies". Oh well... I'm directing CABARET at Anchorage's busiest nightclub for a November premiere. Have fun all and write soon! Szia, Christian-od

christian heppinstall | Sep 22, 2005