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Budapest Week Reunion Party Postscript

Just a quick note to say that last night's Budapest Week reunion was great fun. A modest crowd of 20 or so. Conspicuous absences by Condon, Hadley and Kester, among others, but we're sure they had good excuses. Let me not list all those that did attend right now, as I'm running out the door for some last-minute socializing (Bruno and Judit's, then Meriel and Bill's, then Bruce Lewis playing a gig), plus I spent the morning soaking with the boys in mineral baths at the Rudas and the afternoon soaking red wine and Unicum at the Tabani Kakas, so my memory is a bit fuzzy at the moment.

Most regretably, tonight is our last night in town, the end of a wonderful, nostalgia-drenched visit. When I'm rested back in NY, however, I'll post photos from the reunion here.

Boldog Új Évet, mindenki!

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Jan 3, 2004 | Comments (4)


This was so much fun! Thanks Rick for gathering us
emmanuelle, back in Lyon, France after driving for 2 days in the snow _ that's was so much worth it dude

Emmanuelle | Jan 4, 2004

Flight home was a nightmare, 24 hour delay thanks to Czech Airline's repeted screw ups. On top of everthing, our bags are lost. Can't upload photos of the party till I get a connector cable out of one of the bags. Need a good night's sleep anyway.

Rick Bruner | Jan 5, 2004

So what happened to you, Rick? I mean, that night at the Alcatraz.

At one point, Bruce and I ducked back in the musicians' backstage area some after-party party and a few songs.

It's gets blurry after that.

Rob tells me he was dancing until two. I left at three. Did you have a good time?

Steve Carlson | Jan 7, 2004

I had a great time, but I needed to split to catch a plane that next morning. I went to the mens room or something then came out to look for you to say goodbye, but you were nowhere to be seen. I decided at that point, we'd seen plenty of each other and I'd leave with an air of mystery. Isn't that part of your philosophy on the secrets of dating: always leave them wanting more?

Rick Bruner | Jan 7, 2004