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Dummies Guide to Posting to GenerationExpat.com

Okidoki, folks. I see 3/4 of you to whom I sent invites to sign up with TypePad to become authors of this site have so far failed to do so, and more than half of you who have taken the trouble to sign up with TypePad have not yet posted, for whatever reason.

Realizing that all of this "blogging" stuff may be intimidating to some, at first, I've pain-stakingly created a really detailed, easy-to-follow directions, complete with pictures! Specifically, the instructions include the following (points 2 and 3 may be of interest even to some of you "advanced" users):

If you're looking again for this advice piece in the future, it's conveniently and permanently linked in the top-right corner of the home page, under the title "How Do I Post to This Site?"

Rick E. Bruner | Site Admin | Jan 20, 2004 | Comments (1)


The "Dummies Guide to Posting to GenerationExpat.com" is explained in such a way that even a newbie can be able to post without any issues. How long will it take to receive Rick's e-mail after signing up?

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