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More pics of the Pezsgô-fueled New Year's eve party in Budapest

Hi from California,
Four pages of superior DJing and silly dancing here:
Someone mentioned that the songs played at our parties are still the same 10 years later... So is the energy level, if you look at the 2 men in red in particular.

Emmanuelle Richard | Pictures | Jan 12, 2004 | Comments (1)


Several very cute ones of Adi, but way too many very embarrassing ones of me! I swear, I gave up drugs last year, though you'd never know it from these photos. Perhaps it's time for me to give up disco, too (example 1; example 2; example 3; example 4; example 5; example 6). Meanwhile, I think LeBor should use this shot for his next book jacket.

Rick Bruner | Jan 12, 2004