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OK, I've posted

Yes, I remembered my mother's maiden name and revived my login info. But I don't have anything great to say, particularly about Central Europe. Hmmm. Hmmm. I guess this stuff can't be forced. OK, OT, here's a cartoon about blogging. And, to turn the volume down, here's a post about the death of a friend. (Via Buzzmachine.) Guess this is definitely a "no category selected" post.

Henry Copeland | Gen Expat Life Updates, People | Jan 21, 2004 | Comments (7)


Welcome, Henry. How about an "About Me" kind of post -- enlightening us all what the hell you've been up to since BBJ?

Per Spalding Gray, it is terrible that he seems to have died, or disappeared, or whatever. Were you actually friends with him?

Rick Bruner | Jan 22, 2004

Sum up my life... hmmm. OK, will put that on the list. Vis Gray, nope, didn't mean to imply I knew him. I saw that Barlow's post as a great one not only about Gray but about friendship.

henrycopeland | Jan 22, 2004

On a lighter and more joyful note, we're extremely thrilled to see Henry soon, after all these years, at this high-tech conference in San Diego in February. Wanna come, Rick?

Emmanuelle | Jan 22, 2004

The conference sounds fun, and I'd certainly go if it were local, but it's a bit elective of a topic for my to fly out there for. Have fun, tho.

Rick Bruner | Jan 23, 2004

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