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What's the Scoop With XpatLoop?

Anyone familiar with XpatLoop.com? It claims to be "Hungary's favorite daily portal in English." Someone just wrote me because they're now receiving a newsletter from this site that they don't remember signing up for and was wondering if it was associated with this site (which it's not). Anyone else getting email from them without asking for it? Anyone know the folks behind it? Find it useful? I see that our site actually has a higher rank than XpatLoop on Alexa, which isn't saying much, as Alexa is a pretty flaky measure of popularity, but it is something.

Anyway, I'm just curious. Any comments about them appreciated.

Rick E. Bruner | | Feb 19, 2004 | Comments (1)


Sure, I know the guy behind XpatLoop. His name is Stephen Liinfitt and he's a friend.

Steve isn't a spammer, and I believe he's careful about getting permission, but these days it seems you can't be careful enough.

I find XpatLoop occasionally useful for seeing what's up, the film and event listings and so on.

Steve's put a lot of work into the site, and while I'm not unbaised, I'd say he's doing a decent job of serving his audience, which he defines as expats and English-speaking Hungarians.

The site's main shortcoming is that it doesn't foster reader interaction. Readers can, however, post free classified ads in several sections.

Steve Carlson | Feb 27, 2004