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Drew and Dori, Above the Fold in Népszabadság


Adi sent me this article a week or so ago but was too busy to translate any of it for me and I was too busy to try to translate any of it myself. Then it occurred to me that Drew probably posted about it on his blog, which he did:

We're on the front page of Hungary's biggest daily, Népszabadság. The article is about Dori having her American visa application rejected. The journalist also talked to someone from the embassy about their policy. Makes it sound fairly hopeless, actually.

The caption to the photo says "Drew and Dora - should they try again?"

As I came into work this morning the girls at the reception desk attacked me with the front page - it looks much more impressive than the web page - there that photo of us is on the top left corner, above the masthead.

I've heard from all sorts of people that they spotted me today.

It's actually a shame that the formerly respectable Nepszabi, almost the only 'real' newspaper in Hungary, is trying to turn itself into a Hungarian USA Today. I don't know why it would choose to battle with those crappy tabloids. They have an entirely different audience.
If any of you wants to translate a nut paragraph or two, would be appreciated.

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