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LeBor's New Book Reviewed by The Nation

LeBor's latest book: 'Milosevic: A Biography'

Our own dear Adam LeBor's book, Milosevic: A Biography, was reviewed quite favorably ("Adam LeBor's excellent new book") and at length in The Nation this week. Select excerpts:

[W]hat LeBor has written is not a character study but a history of the disintegration of Yugoslavia through the lens of Serbian politics.

Many, many histories have been written in the decade and a half since Yugoslavia began to crumble. Nearly all such accounts acknowledge Belgrade politics as the driving force behind the chain of wars, but few do as good a job as this one of understanding those often complex maneuverings and weaving Serbia's experience into the experience of the region as a whole. As LeBor seamlessly demonstrates, Milosevic's degradation (economic, cultural, moral) of his own republic had everything to do with the sufferings he inflicted outside of it.

. . .

Anyone who truly believed Milosevic was a nationalist might be disabused of such notions by LeBor's hard look at the Serbian leader's contempt for his own people. Milosevic stood for Milosevic, nothing more.

Meanwhile, we in NY await LeBor's pending visit to our humble burg with eager anticipation. (Adam, when is it, exactly?) Local Bp expat get-together pending. Stay tuned.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Apr 7, 2004 | Comments (0)