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Pan-European Picnic Revisited

Dear Friends,

May 1st 2004 Amsterdam-based European Easterners and other internationalists will celebrate the fact that the EU will join Hungary and other some other funny states. If you happen to be in Amsterdam around that date - for Queens Day April 30th for instance - you're very welcome to our imitation Pan-European Picnic in the Vondelpark. Here's the text of the local invitation:

Dear Friends,

Many of us can still remember beautiful May 1st days, when we celebrated above all that May 1st was a socialist holiday.
May 1st 2004 will forever mark the end of this era, as this is the day the European Union will join much of the rest of Europe.

Inspired by the 1989 Pan-European picnic (Augustus 19th 1989, Sopronpuszta, Hungary, http://www.sopron.hu/paneu-piknik) that first lifted the Iron Curtain, we decided to celebrate this event with another picnic. Everybody who feels like celebrating with us is very welcome.

In order to preserve something of our national identities it would be nice if you could bring food or drinks related to your country. We will at least have some palinka from Hungary, becherowka from the Czech Republic, probably some wodka and some capitalist bourgeois champagne and wine. Szalami, strapacka, burek, okurky, kohuke, knedliky and other sophisticated cuisine will be offered. But of course anything from the Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Macedon or Serbian regions is also very welcome.

The picnic will be disturbed by football matches between old, new and future Member States. If you feel like participating let us know.

We will meet at 4 o'clock on Saturday 1 May on the corner of the Overtoom and Kattenlaan. If you want to come later give one of us a call and someone will come and meet you.
Should the weather be bad the party (probably not the football match) will take place in Retiefstraat 3 II (Kati's place). In this case further information will follow.

We hope to see you on May 1st !!!

Please let the Pan-European Community if you come either by e-mail or phone.

Jannes Hartkamp
+31 6 41765000

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