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Request: Any and All Tips About Romania

Hey kids, Matt Welch here. I have a shameless request/question: Emmanuelle and I are heading to Romania from June 7 to June 28 on a reporting trip, and, well, what do we need to know? (Aside from "watch out for the kidney-stealers.") I've never been, and am generally clueless ... any must-sees or must-avoids? Do any of you live near? Will Dracula "get" us? We hope to visit Carabia, and the Black Sea, and Bucharest, and that replica of the South Fork ranch from "Dallas," and so on. Suggestions may be rewarded by obscure booze products.

Matt Welch | Questions for the Masses | May 28, 2004 | Comments (6)


Hey, you's twos:

Maybe my Dracula World piece can give you some ideas:


Hope to see you when you're here.

Drew bacsi

Drew | Jun 25, 2004

Hi there,

Silvia Santamaria here. I'm trying to find British people who are struggling or having problems with properties they've bought in Romania, Bulgaria...

Below is a more detailed out line about the series and the kind of stories that we are looking for. Hope all this makes sense!!

Ricochet South a UK based TV production company, are making a new documentary series for Channel 4 about buying, selling and owning property abroad. Our aim is to provide a practical guide to avoiding the common pitfalls. Our intention is very much to help people find positive resolutions, where possible, in relation to their property issues, and to advice others on how to avoid similar problems.

We would like to get in touch with British expats and property owners who have current stories to tell about their properties in Romania and think others could learn from their experiences. In particular we are looking for contributors who have a problem where we may be able to step in and offer both practical and financial assistance. It has to be a case which is both suitable for the series and rectifiable within the right time frame – the programme goes out in September!

We want to look at a whole range of issues - such as: building/planning restrictions, structural problems, untrustworthy agents, inheritance laws, boundary disputes, natural disasters, and anything else you can think of really!

Many thanks for your help

Best wishes

Silvia Santamaria

Ricochet South

Brighton Media Centre

21-22 Old Steine

Brighton BN1 1EF

Tel: +44 (0) 1273 648 340

Fax: +44 (0) 1273 648 341


silvia santamaria | Jul 22, 2004

hey my names festor. im a tattoo artist from DC and im looking for tattoo shops in romania and bulgaria. please send me an email if you have any contact info on any shops or artists.


festor | Oct 24, 2004

Luxurious flat to let in Bucharest, Romania

A few details about the flat: it is a luxurious flat located on a quiet street, 2 minutes walk from all amenities, in an upmarket part of Bucharest – Dorobanti , where many of the ambassadorial residences are situated.

The flat is in a new building built in 2001. There are 4 floors, just one flat per floor. The flat has a huge living room (50 sqm ) a very big bedroom (23 sqm ) and a very big study (22 sqm ). The building has the garages at the main floor (you will have one garage allocated to you) and then there are the 4 floors I mentioned. The flat is located at the 2nd floor.

The flat comes fully equipped and furnished in each room (living, bedroom, study, dining). Everything you need when you move in. The appliances in the kitchen are completely new, and they have standard sizes, not small hotel sizes. We will provide pots, pans, linens. There are 4 A/C to keep it cool during the summer and 2 balconies.

At the basement you will get two very big rooms (23 sqm each) belonging to the flat, one being fully equipped as a pool room. The garage belonging to the flat is at the main floor of the building.
The building has concierge, so security is not an issue.

In addition to all these there is the personal touch: my parents will be providing you with anything else you would need. They will assist you in everything you need in order to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Rent: 2000 Euros / month.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or on my mobile +44 7795644214 if you have any questions.


Daniel | Aug 1, 2005

We have moved to Cluj in Transylvania but we need to return to the UK for three weeks, but we have two cats which we can't take with us. Does anyone know of catteries or boarding places that will look after them for the three weeks that we are away?

maria | Jan 19, 2008

Have a look at how cheap the rental properties are in Romania:


Jamie | Feb 6, 2008