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Divan Screening in Budapest, August 4-5, 2004



DIVAN A film by Pearl Gluck (2004, USA/Hungary/Ukraine; 77 minutes)
To reclaim an ancestral couch upon which Hasidic rabbis slept, Pearl Gluck travels from her Hasidic community in Brooklyn to her roots in Hungary. Along the way, she wrestles with the faith of her forbearers, their heartbreaking fate and extraordinary resilience, and finally, what it means to claim both one's tradition and one's independence.
August 4, 18.00pm Q&A follows with director Then, check out the Klezmatics (featured in Divan) at the Sziget Music Festival
August 5, 20.30pm discussion follows with director and Ezstertaska (Jewish Women Association)
AT: Orokmozgo Theater Erzsebet krt. 39
+ + US PRESS and REVIEWS + +
NPR's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED Melissa Block interviews Pearl Gluck LISTEN
FILMMAKER MAGAZING Bari Pearlman's interview with Pearl Gluck on Divan...
THE JEWISH WEEK Couched in Symbolism by George Robinson
VILLAGE VOICE CHOICE Tracking Shot by J. Hoberman
NY POST "brilliant!"
NY DAILY NEWS "A warm and engaging home movie"
"Adventurous! Absolutely charming!" -The New York Post
"Warmhearted but unsentimental, touching but not mawkish, clever but never cute...precocious autobiography, vivid travelogue, and sly wonder-tale." - J. Hoberman, The Village Voice "She's looking for far more than furniture. And she finds it, in her own ingenious way." -Palm Beach Post
"A witty and playful journey both deeply committed and slyly ironic, DIVAN offers a glimpse into the richness of Yiddish folklore." -Variety
"A fresh, touching, surprising, and thoroughly wonderful film. At once witty and profound, Divan documents a series of quests for a special sofa, for remnants of a Jewish life in post-Holocaust Hungary, for a way to reconcile ones life choices with parental expectations the longest journey of all turns out to be the one from Brooklyn to Manhattan." -Dr. Barbara Kirshenblatt Gimblett, NYU
A Zeitgeist Films/Hartley Film Foundation Release For more information please visit www.palinkapictures.com

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Anyone know of any good blogs revolving around the Bp. scene? Social? Political etc etc?

Patrice | Aug 9, 2004

Hey, Patrice.

You can try this one:


I don't think it's fantastic, but it's given me a chuckle on occasion.

Drew | Aug 18, 2004

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thank i will be looking forward for your rely


richard babson | Sep 2, 2004