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Drew Bacsi on NPR!

I just happened to Google "Drew Bacsi" this evening, trying to find Drew Leifheit's blog for his email address. (Yes, I could have just looked at email he had sent me in the past, but I thought that might be faster. Whatever.) Ironically the first link to come up was one to my blog. One of the next links, however, to come up was for a radio story he did for the excellent NPR program "On the Media" about some Hungarian strip-tease cultural interview show, Anettka. Nice one, Drew!

What's strange is why the web site plugs him only as Drew Bacsi, given that he identifies himself in the actual audio piece only by his real name (for those of you who are Hungarian-challenged, "Drew Bacsi" is a nickname meaning Uncle Drew).

The answer, I suspect, is he email address; I've gotten e-missives from him before, and I see that his email From line uses only that nickname. Hee-hee.

Rick E. Bruner | East Euro Current News, Gen Expat Life Updates | Jul 28, 2004 | Comments (3)


Yeah, it's goofy. But they did identify me, and I identify myself, correctly in the piece.

I miss my radio days.

Drew | Jul 30, 2004

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