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Chris Condon on Hungary's New Prime Minister

Adrienne writes from Budapest:

Chris Condon's piece about our new prime minister. We're all very glad that Gyurcsany has won. Gives hope against Fidesz for 2006.

Rick E. Bruner | East Euro Current News | Aug 26, 2004 | Comments (22)


I'm actually quite surprised that Gyurcsany would grab the wheel of the Socialists' sinking ship - he really doesn't have time to do much.

I hate the thought, but considering the party's state of confusion I don't believe they'll be able to defeat Fidesz.

Drew | Aug 30, 2004

Chris Condon is quite the hagiographer.

Ferenc Gyurcsany, 43, a wealthy entrepreneur and maverick angling to give the unpopular government a dynamic new face

This is very dramatic," said Krisztian Szabados, analyst for consulting firm Political Capital in Budapest. "Mr Gyurcsany is an outsider and he made a revolution happen in the party."

Entrepreneur. Maverick. Outsider. Revolution. Laughable if it weren't so sad.

Gyurcsany made his millions of crooked privatization deals. He is scum like all of MSZP.

Someone explain to me why all stupid fuck ex-pats love the Socialists (Read: Communists) and hate FIDESZ.

Bendeguz | Aug 30, 2004

Maybe it's because we "stupid fuck ex-pats" know the stink of Fidesz's xenophobia and that of their supporters when we smell it.

Frankly, as far as I know, most of my expat friends would rather see SZDSZ than MSZP in power, but somehow there doesn't seem to be enough of a "cosmopolitan" voting base left in the country to swing it.

Rick Bruner | Aug 30, 2004

Yeah, it's not about wanting the komcsik to win - they are despicable.

It's just sad that a party like Fidesz had a chance to do things differently, but still chose to be equally corrupt.

Other sources of repulsion? How about the way the faithful kneel before the alter of your little soccer player guy with the George Bush-like smirk on his face.

Bendeguz, did you - like the gimnazista lanyok on TV - also *cry* when Viki bebi LOST!

Not to worry - you'll get your nipple back in 2006.

Drew | Aug 31, 2004

Now here is where it is so amusing for me.

Two stupid fuck American ex-pat trying to tell me about Hungarian politics/politisc.

While Fidesz and Orban have there faults--- xenophobia being one of them ---at least, they have broken with the communist legacy.

MSZP and co. have never been punished for their transgressions against Hungary.

When my uncle was a college student in the 60s, he wrote a poem something like: (I can't remember it exactly) Hungary is great, Hungary is beautiful, Soviets go home.

For that, he got two years in prison. TWO YEARS IN PRISON YOU STUPID SPOILED AMERICAN FUCKS! This is the legacy of the communists/socialists --- they are one and the same. Kovacs Laszlo is the chameleon -- like the Economist said, good communist, then democrat socialist, now EU burearcrat...

The Nacis were rightly hunted down and punished --- but since the western intelligencia has a soft spot in its heart for communism/socialism ---- communism was never condemned and communists were never brought to justice as they should have been.

The only people who got it right in the west were Reagan and Thatcher.


Last thing, no Drew I did not cry b/c I didn't vote for him. But what does make me cry is when loser ex-pats throw in some hungarian words in an English sentence to make themselves look cool and 'hungarian'. That is why I cringe when I read the Budapest Sun.

Please stop this habit.


Bendeguz | Aug 31, 2004

If we're such 'stupid fucks', why are you reading this blog? I invite you *not* to read it.

An opinion is fine, but everyone seems to be a 'fuck' who doesn't agree with you.

Drew | Aug 31, 2004

I am reading this 'blog' b/c I wanted to learn more about the ex-pat Americans that have known Bp. But everytime I read or listen to them, I realise how spoiled they all are.
They hate Bush. They like the Communists. Communism wasn't that bad, after all, they grew up in the freest and greatest country in the world.
Sometimes I think I love America more than they do. They do not how lucky they are.


PS I hope you cry when he wins in November

Bendeguz | Aug 31, 2004

Hagiographer. That's a big word.

| Sep 14, 2004

I was reading with mild interest the "exchanges" of views over my esteemed colleague Chris Condon's coverage of Gyurcsany. The sheer level of venom from our correspondent Bendeguz, one of many angry and bitter people in Hungary, was peversely fascinating.

Even so, while we all love free speech and all, is it really necessary to print outright abuse, calling people "ex-pat fucks"? Some editing here, please. Such language adds nothing to the debate, and surely should be 'moderated" out before being posted.

Hajra civilised discourse!


Adam LeBor | Oct 3, 2004

Nah, my policy on editing comments is either to delete them or pretty much leave them as is. We're all mature enough here on the Interweb to read "the f-word," no? So the guy's a twit. I don't think moderating is necessary to spin that.

Rick Bruner | Oct 3, 2004

Doesn't Drew realize that it's actually FIDESZ who is trying to perpetuate communism by keeping Hungarians latched to the government nipple: free university, 3 years'maternity leave, free healthcare, free this, that; at least MSZP and SZDSZ tried to convince Hungarians that you 'get what you pay for' and free things have no value in the long run, just look at the state of healthcare? And, I totally agree with Rick Bruner: 'It's just sad that a party like Fidesz had a chance to do things differently, but still chose to be equally corrupt.' But what should we expect from these Fidesz guys who NEVER HELD A JOB IN THEIR LIVES, NEVER MET A PAYROLL, ETC. They went from the university to the parliament, with no job in between.

Julianna Gulden | Oct 12, 2004


Julianna Gulden | Oct 12, 2004

I do hope Chris Condon and others who admire Prime Minister Gyurcsany will whisper in his ear, ever so gently, that it is not civilised to let Hungarian radio entertain the public by calling for the gruesome murder of anyone, not even when that person is the journalist Istvan Lovas, who is not a favourite of the present government.

And to you particularly, Drew: I bet you're tempted to come the raw prawn with some lesson to expats about the nature of Hungarian burlesque. Don't bother.

Sophie | Nov 13, 2004

Could anyone deliver us from Gyurcsany? This fuckin' millionaire has just bought Hungary. The people have refused to give a hungarian passport to our hungarian brothers abroad (Romania, Serbia, etc.) This hateful businessman told us not to vote because our brothers could collapse the hungarian economy...

He's *against* Hungary. What can we do, anyway? :(

Voter | Dec 7, 2004

What you all do not realise is that it is not a question of MSZP or Fidesz. it is a question of all these corrupt maffia stealing the Countries wealth and destroying Hungary's future prospects.

They are all a bunch of criminals that need to be removed.

Johnny Walker | May 11, 2005

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As yet was in the molten form,
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Dylan Thomas | Jun 22, 2005

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