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Hungarian Prime Minister Quits; Photos for Sale

Reuters reports on the controversy that lead to Socialist Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy's resignation.

Photographer friend Martin Fejer uses the opportunity to point out he has photos of the former PM for sale.

Sadly, I haven't heard any news of Hungary's change of leadership yet today or last night on NPR.

Rick E. Bruner | East Euro Current News | Aug 20, 2004 | Comments (1)


NPR would never report on something so 'trivial'.

If there's a plane, bus or train crashes it's a different story - they want it.

Admittedly, other than a quick mention I also wonder whether the story has much impact - especially not on the outside world. It's just another frustrating detour for Hungary.

And the point I was trying to make to my in-laws after downing some palinka and beer was, considering the political parties in Hungary have achieved parity in terms of corruption, does it really matter who is in the parliament?

Drew | Aug 23, 2004