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Prague Author's Second Novel, Not So Much

Arthur Phillips
Arthur Phillips

Thanks again to Carlson for pointing out the excellent Budapest gossip blog Pestiside (see previous post). Among the first posts I came across when I went there was the hilarious Local Writers Celebrate Failure of Novelist's Second Work, a skewering of Budapest expats' reaction to Arthur Phillips's new novel The Egyptologist, follow-up to his incomprehensibly popular first book Prague set (oh-so-ironically) in Budapest.

I'm sure many of you read that first novel. I suspect some others of you might remember the pleasure I had meeting Phillips at a book reading.

Phillips is actually quite a nice guy, whom I've met twice now (though I don't know anyone from our expat gang of friends who remembers him from when he lived there for two years or so in the early 1990s). This time around I am not going to make the same mistake: I have no intension of reading this book, though I have no reason to suspect it is anything other than excellent (save this review in the NY Times).

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Sep 17, 2004 | Comments (3)


Actually, Rick, turns out Hadley knew the dude. She actually played a version of that silly game in the first pages of the book. (Frankly, I think that passage sold the book to the publishers.) The lesbian photographer is actually somebody we both know (but not Hadley).

Steven Carlson | Sep 27, 2004

Yes, I had someone else speculate about who the photographer was. I'm spacing on her name now, though I can picture her. Was it Shari? Something like that. I have her name at home on my other computer, in a list of former expat friends to track down still.

Rick Bruner | Oct 11, 2004

Phillips might be a nice guy, but he writes about as well as my ass can chew gum. Give me an asshole who has some talent anyday.

Foog | Dec 10, 2004