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Molvanîa, a Jetlag Travel Guide


Amusing faux travel guide: Molvanîa: A land untouched by modern dentistry. Looks like Dork Zygotian should have written the forward. From Jetlag Travel Guides, "Taking you places you don't want to go." The book appears to be not-so-loosely based on Romania, in my estimation. From the back cover:

Molvania, birthplace of the polka and the whooping cough, is often overlooked as a tourist destination, but thanks to this updated Jetlag Travel Guide, the keen visitor can now enjoy one of Eastern Europe's best-kept secrets...WHEN TO GO: Those wanting a quieter, less-crowded experience might consider visiting in the "off season" periods such as winter or during the Lutenblag Jazz Festival. WHERE TO EAT: Cafe Cravben is run by a married couple — if the arguments from the kitchen are anything to go by — and the menu is changed frequently. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the table linen.
And so on. By Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner and Rob Sitch. Anyone we know?

For whatever reason, the publisher promises a whole series of these make-believe travel giudes

Rick E. Bruner | Useful Resources | Oct 28, 2004 | Comments (4)


Just a couple of Australian comedians/film makers with a bit of extra time on their hands. These are the fellows who brought us The Castle, which did very well Down Under but I understand didn't really crack the US market. So far as I'm aware neither Sich nor Gleisner have lived in Central Europe.

MG | Nov 4, 2004

Dude, I linked to it on this very site six months ago. The website doesn't get old though - can't stop laughing. Ah, the music.

Looking forward to see you all at another New Year's Eve buli! And thanks for the great work spreading news and poking Sam in the ribs.

Emmanuelle | Dec 10, 2004

Oops (or should I say "o-pa"), Emmanuelle, sorry to have missed that.

Sadly, we won't be in Hungary for New Year's this year. While I'm sure we won't have as much fun at New Year's as a result, I wanted to break my cycle of visiting the country only during the winter. Instead, we're planning a trip out there in May, when the ladies are more scantly clad.

As for Sam, for the record, I did not intent to diss Sam, just express skepticism about a stat he reported. That is, not his reporting, but the stat itself. The last thing I want to ever do again is antagonize my dear friend Sam via a blog.

Rick Bruner | Dec 12, 2004

I love this book. It's hilarious :D
I've written a small bilingual review: http://www.leblogdelamirabelle.net/allons-nous-promener/recits-de-voyage/du-darjeeling-express-a-la-molvanie-from-the-darjeeling-express-to-molvania/

mirabelle | Apr 10, 2010