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Pestiside Stirs the Shit for AmCham and Peter Freed

The many faces of Peter Freed

Pestiside.hu's Erik D'Amato has stirred the shit in Budapest last week with a long, boring but heart-felt exposé about the election of the president and board members for the American Chamber of Commerce there. In the piece, which apparently got spiked by one of the expat weekly rags for which he originally wrote it (he didn't mention which, in an email he sent me), he points out that the Chamber of Commerce is American in name only, in that most of its officers are at this point from other nations, and most importantly, he skewers Peter Freed, a long-time Budapest expat with a special place in the hearts of many readers of this humble site for reasons I won't go into (oh, okay, he screwed me and the other co-founders of Budapest Week out of our rightful stake in that once-great publication), concerning perceived conflicts of interest, as both a candidate for president of AmCham and a vendor to that same organization. In a follow-up piece, D'Amato claimed a proud victory for his shameless agenda blogging, noting that Freed lost the election, with several readers crediting his investigation as a decisive factor. You go, boy! (And next time you see him, Erik, give Freed my regards, and a knee in the gonads, if you have a chance.)

If all that sounds too petty and tedious, check out his coverage of the Hungarian Playboy Playmate of the Year event instead.

Rick E. Bruner | East Euro Current News, Gen Expat Life Updates, People | Oct 11, 2004 | Comments (2)


Budapest Week was once great???

Szkeptikus | Oct 13, 2004

It was indeed!
And Freed is a top end shyster. But we have all moved on except Freed. I am just surprised he has survivied so long

Sam | Jun 29, 2005