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Harper's Thoughtfully Provides 'A Reader's Guide to Expatriating on November 3'

To depressed to blog. Thankfully, Harper's provides advice on renouncing one's U.S. citizenship and a Coalition of the Willing of countries where yellow-dog Democrats may feel welcome.

(I bet our friend Bendeguz is quite pleased with himself, confused Hungarian nationalist that he is, believing that Amerika is "the freest and greatest country in the world" and proclaiming "HAJRA BUSH! I hope you cry when he wins in November." Well, Bendeguz, you had the last laugh, after all. But your paprika is full of death mold, so fuck you.)

Rick E. Bruner | Useful Resources | Nov 3, 2004 | Comments (3)


Why would Bendiguz be confused? Seems like he is right on about that.

Bill Rodriguez | Nov 7, 2004

Confused because he's supposed to be a Hungarian nationalist, yet he thinks Amerika is the greatest country in the world, not Hungary.

Rick Bruner | Nov 18, 2004

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me | Apr 20, 2008