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Rimmer writes...

Just came across a year-old email from Bruner inviting me to join this enterprise and, better late than never, decided to follow the link this far.

I'm theoretically living back in Berlin these days, but I haven't been there much recently. I just finished making a documentary that will be broadcast on UK Channel 4 on 29 November. It's called "2 Tone Britain" and it's a sort of essay about music and multiculturalism, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Specials and their 2 Tone record label. So that's kept me in London for a while. Next project is probably going to be the Time Out Marrakech Guide. I'm a bit fed up with doing these Time Out books, and this is only the second I've done since 2000. (The other was the Berlin guide, earlier this year.) But Morocco has become one of my places, not least because for the last couple of years I've had a girlfriend who lives in Casablanca, and I welcome any excuse to spend a bit of time there.

The only other recent project of any lasting significance was a book that came out about a year ago. "New Romantics: The Look", a series of illustrated essays about bygone club culture.

So, that's all my news. Greetings to everyone! If anyone wants or needs to get in touch, I still have the same email I've had for the last ten years, and the same mobile phone number I've had for the last eight years. I may be nomadic, but I'm very easy to get hold of.

Dave Rimmer | People | Nov 18, 2004 | Comments (2)


Dave i have lost your email address..
Let me have it again please.
Yours Kris Manchester/Berlin 1993...

Kris | Jun 29, 2006

My Email address is [email protected]..
Cheers Kris...

Kris | Jun 29, 2006