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Sammy in The Nation

Given that I'm married to a left-wing pinko, we get The Nation. Was delighted to see this issue a "Letter from Spain" by none other than "Samuel" Loewenberg. Unfortunately, the story is accessible only to subscribers, and as an old-world journalist, I still have enough respect for copyright not to simply reproduce it here. The piece is about dramatic liberalization policies the new Socialist government is proposing along the lines of improved status and protection for women and pending moves to legalize gay marriage and abortion (I'll believe it when I see it; he cites an unsourced stat that 60% of Spaniards support gay marriage, which seems rather unlikely to me).

Anyway, you can view some of his other contributions to the magazine here.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Nov 18, 2004 | Comments (2)


A quick search would have revealed, for Rick, a great number of hits on this point, butin the blogosphere I guess it's not cool to do any research before passing judgement....

"A survey published Monday in the newspaper El Pais, which supports the Socialist party, said 62 percent of those questioned support gay marriage." -- AP Worldstream, 27 Sept 2004.

csw | Nov 20, 2004

I didn't mean to cast aspersions on the quality of Sam's reporting. I just meant I find it hard to believe that's really the attitude of folks in such a conservatively Catholic nation. When I visited there in 1990, I watched a daytime talk show (along the lines of Oprah) with an American friend and his Spanish wife that was about the importance of women remaining virgins till they married. I expressed surprise at this, and my friend Greg said that his wife was a virgin when they married. She agreed it was vitally important (though the idea of men being virgins at marriage was considered laughable). Greg went on that "they believe also sorts of crazy theories like that a 'loose woman' can tempt a man by sneaking a drop of her menstreual blood into his drink." "There's nothing crazy about that!" his young bride shot back. "How else do you explain all the marriages that break up over loose women?!"

What I meant was I find the results of such a poll surprising and I am skeptical about its veracity. As a professional market researcher for the last several years, I know only too well how easy it is to lead people to the answer you want in a survey.

As Sam's piece said, it seems like "the government is ahead of the society," in the words of a government-funded think tank. Like I said, I'll believe it (the implementation of the law) when I see it.

I love how you blog haters don't give credit for my having found the story in the first place as a point of interest. Forgive me for having expressed an opinion without having committed myself to full-on follow-up research. This isn't my job, for Christ sake.

Rick Bruner | Nov 21, 2004