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U.S. High School Students Suck at Math; on Par With...Hungary?

So, it's that time of year again for U.S. high school students to suck eggs in international math scores. But, this paragraph flattened me:

Among 29 industrialized countries, the United States scored below 20 nations and above five in math. The U.S. performance was about the same as Poland, Hungary and Spain.

What's wrong with that picture? Is it the mold in the paprika? Has McDonald's and mall culture just warped those once-promising little minds? Erdös and von Neumann are turning in their graves. Guardian reports.

Rick E. Bruner | East Euro Current News | Dec 7, 2004 | Comments (21)


Sounds like you have been subscribing to the myth of the Hungarian genius a little too long. The Hungarian educational system (both secondary and tertiary) is a mess. Teachers underpaid, rampant cheating either ignored or implicitly incentivized. Medieval teaching methods. Essentially, everything is based upon rote memorization of fact to be coughed up at a highly subjective final exam. But in the end, the 'Hungarian genius' simply did/does not exist anyhow.

Some interesting info: http://www.esztersblog.com/index.php?p=37

Coco | Dec 7, 2004

wanted to tell you that this math student will beat your math students ass add those numbers up :D

joe | Aug 31, 2005

US math students suck because they simply do not care. Most of the students in highschool math could care less if they score high on any thing. and you guys suck balls too.

Tad | Nov 15, 2005

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