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Carnaval de Klub Vittula

Hi to all the Budapest survivors out there.

This Saturday, Vlada and I will be raising the rafters at Klub Vittula on Kertesz utca. Join us for a Carnaval that will make residents of Rio blush.


We'll be mixing up some explosive Brazilian grooves with raunchy Latin rhythmns, and we here that some women are planning to discard their clothing (Vlada says they always do that when I'm playing and that I should pay more attention to the audience!). Don't say you weren't warned in advance.


Anyhow, the owner of the bar is a really cool guy by the name of Tim who has nothing to do with Sam Worthington. The last time we played in his bar, people were rocking until 4 am. A good friend says that the following poster more accurately reflects the bar:


Come on it's Carnaval! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Ian MacDonald | East Euro Current News | Feb 5, 2005 | Comments (3)

Richard W. Bruner Profiled in the Arizona Star

Here's a nice profile of my dad in the Arizona Star, explaining why he moved to Budapest to get away from Red Amerika and more background on his political awakening after WWII.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Feb 2, 2005 | Comments (10)

Make it a double


Has anyone read Julian Rubenstein's book on Hungary's infamous "whiskey robber"? Some say he manages to nail the jaded socio-economic atmosphere of the post-Commie period.

Pangs of jealousy? Sure. But I always find it tough to read articles, books, etc. about Hungary, as one knows that people who have not spent much time here and don't speak the language will invariably get some things wrong. Consequently, I sort of want to read the book and sort of don't.

But I probably should and keep my mouth shut until I have, especially considering that I am listed in it. Dóri and I spent many hours painstakingly translating the court transcript in my kitchen for Julian.

Drew Leifheit | Budapest Nostalgia | Feb 2, 2005 | Comments (4)