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Richard W. Bruner Profiled in the Arizona Star

Here's a nice profile of my dad in the Arizona Star, explaining why he moved to Budapest to get away from Red Amerika and more background on his political awakening after WWII.

Rick E. Bruner | Gen Expat Life Updates | Feb 2, 2005 | Comments (10)


Rick- He's your dad! I thought the name thing was just same strange coincidence. That is friggin' funny. (BTW, thanks for the re-format on my post!)

Drew | Feb 3, 2005

You thought a journalist named Richard Bruner in Budapest was just a coincidence?

Rick Bruner | Feb 10, 2005

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Oh yes, i heard of the guy, he is squeezing farmers to pay $40 to be at st phillip's plaza and has an indian enforcing it. sounds like a real good guy, doesn't he? squeezing the poor and going off to live like a king in cheap hungary with the money making from americans on a weekly basis.

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