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Introducing 'Budacast'

We've just completed our fifth 'Budacast', Hungary’s first English language podcast dedicated to Budapest’s arts and culture scene. You can find our home page at www.budcast.hu (RSS feed: http://www.budacast.hu/rss/feed.xml).

This whole thing has been a long time in coming - maybe even 10 years in the making - as I have been longing to do more radio here, just like when we did Budapest Day & Night on Radio Bridge in the  early 90s.

While Budacast will most likely remain a hobby for the forseeable future, maybe our podcast could be kind of a supplement to guidebooks and other information sources about Budapest. I can imagine foreign visitors to Hungary downloading a few episodes of our show and listening to them on their mp3 players on a transatlantic flight to Budapest. We'll see.

Recent segments on Budacast include a feature on the survivors of Hungary’s failed uprising against the Soviets in 1956, a tour of an interactive museum for kids, and a profile of a tawdry tabloid media star. One weekly segment called Time Off is basically a chat with a Budapest resident to find out what they’re doing on the upcoming weekend followed by some recommendations for concerts, theatre performances, or museum exhibitions.


Coming up in next week's show is an interview with Cold War crime novelist Olen Steinhauer, who lives in Budapest. If you correctly answer our trivia question you may be eligible to win a copy of his latest book '36 Yalta Boulevard'.

Drew Leifheit | East Euro Current News | Dec 4, 2005 | Comments (1)