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Milio Puszi Budapest Week-re

I know my Hungarian sucks, so if anyone wants to correct my headline for this item, please feel free. The point is, the Budapest Week reunion party, and after-party, rocked long and hard! What an awesome collection of people.

Steve Carlson said it best: "Budapest Week was a newspaper that knew how to throw a party."

Sam Worthington wrote a great letter days before the reunion that Rick read aloud at the event. Many commented on how aptly it summed up the mood of the event:

Hi Steve and Rick

I had no intention of coming to the party but suddenly a week ago a little nostalgia over took me as I ate a lonely curry and for all of about 24 hours I was coming. But in the end that went tits up: so a message is all I can contribute to the proceedings.

It would have been interesting as most of you have now seen enough to understand the realities of the World. Things always look different with the benefit of experience, as well as hindsight. The Bud Week was probably doomed from day one but it did, for a while, make a significant contribution to many lives. At the time I was new to publishing and you guys were well new to about everything so in some sense the fact we did what we did was a major achievement. There are as always a million what ifs: but none will really supply the answer. In a way failure, if it was indeed that, made people get on with something else: something that in many cases has proved to be much bigger and better than Bud Week ever was, or would be. That is what I would say when on my tenth korso and 10 tenth Unicum: just is case you wonder!

So have a good one and if anybody ever gets to Bangkok let me know and I can point you in some directions. Bring a bottle of Unicum because ……I miss it!


More coverage on Pestiside.

The whole gang
Photo by Franc Anderson. Others by Rick Bruner
(except where Rick is featured, and then those are
also Franc's with Rick's camera).
The Founders
Whoa, dude!
She never looked at me like that 15 years ago
They drank with Sam (Worthington) and survived
One for the Road
Here, officer, maybe this will change your mind
Party in my mind
Don't ask
We still know how to party

Rick E. Bruner | Budapest Nostalgia | Sep 15, 2006 | Comments (1)


Well I see you had a lot of fun ;)

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